2023 Maple Syrup Festival

Join us for the 2023 Maple Syrup Festival in downtown Paris, Ontario (County of Brant).
Pancakes with REAL Maple Syrup, breakfast sausage along with Food and Craft Vendors.
Support Your Community!

Saturday April 08th, 2023

7:00am to 3:00pm

Grand River Street North, Paris, Ontario


History of the Maple Syrup Festival

The first Paris Lions Club’s Maple Syrup Festival was held on April 14, 2012. Lion Dan Moore, now deceased, was inspired to organize this event. He reasoned that, after seeing how another Maple Syrup Festival drew such huge crowds, the Club’s Food Truck could be used as the primary fund raiser for our own Maple Syrup Festival, making and selling pancakes with REAL maple syrup!!

This first Maple Syrup Festival was located on William Street, between Broadway and Grand River Streets. It included our Food Truck plus vendors who sold a wide range of products. Dan Moore hoped attendance to this exciting event would be between 500 and 1000 people. Little did he know how big this event would grow!!

The Maple Syrup Festival of 2013 drew even more visitors to our town. The number of attending sponsors grew along with the number of pancake breakfasts served. Records show that 68 kilograms of pancake mix (our Lions Club secret recipe) and 80 litres of maple syrup were served and enjoyed. With sponsor donations, support from the county of Brant and the local BIA, The Festival was a resounding success!

2014 saw the need for more space for our Maple Syrup Festival so it was moved to our main downtown street, Grand River Street, between William and Mechanic Streets. The parking lot behind the main street was used for more vendors as the number of vendors increased along with number of visitors coming to this event. This was also the year that entertainment was added to our Maple Syrup Festival making it an even more successful event!!!

To demonstrate how much preparation is required for such an event, the following list shows the variety of responsibilities required to successfully make this event a reality:

  •          Event Chairman

  • Food Event Organizer

  • Vendors Organizer

  • Sponsor Organizer

  • Event Set Up Organizer

  • Man Power Organizer

  • Entertainment Organizer

  • Advertising

  • Local Business Donations

Each of these responsibilities required many members plus hours of manpower and dedication. Our Paris Lions Club met all the challenges involved in hosting such a big event with enthusiasm, knowing that all their efforts would improve the health and well-being of our community.

The Maple Syrup Festival continued to grow through the following years, increasing the number of vendors, number of breakfasts served and a huge increase in visitor attendance. Due to inclement weather, the Festival experienced lower visitor attendance some years, but local citizens stepped up to support our Club by ordering breakfasts and driving downtown to pick them up.....our very first Maple Syrup “drive-thru” system!!

The year 2019 saw between 5000 and 6000 people attend our Maple Syrup Festival. One can only imagine how many pancakes were made that year!!

2020 created its own reality as the wide-reaching impact of Covid-19 affected lives everywhere. Our Maple Syrup Festival was wisely cancelled, even though all the planning had occurred. The same situation happened in 2021. Your Paris Lions Club, was not deterred by Covid 19, rather it became more creative by setting up and still running an online fund-raiser, namely our “Catch the Ace” draw.

This year (2022), with declining Covid 19 cases, the Paris Lions Club has decided to truly embrace the concept of “drive-thru” dining by making and selling pancake breakfasts and/or bottles of maple syrup from its Food Truck at the Paris Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 9th.

Thank you for your continued support!