Friends of Lions

The Paris Lions are looking for some help in their food wagon.  Want to help?

 The Lions Club of Paris primary goal is to serve the community we live in.  One of the most effective ways of serving the community is to assist in financing a broad range of community needs.  We operate a food wagon and volunteer our time.  What business would view as wages and profits we view as dollars to support a broad range of community needs.  Here are some of the service projects to our community: update Paris Lions Park; Cowan Health Hub; Minor Sports; Guide Dogs; Diabetes research; collect used eye glasses and hearing aids; PDHS scholarships; highway clean up and so much more.

Rarely do the demands of the food wagon match the capacity of the club to operate the food wagon.  The Paris Club is in a position of having more events than we can manage by our membership alone.  So, we hope you would consider helping in our food wagon.  What’s in it for you?  There is the fun and fellowship of working with like minded people, plus the money you help raise will go back to our community.  Membership in a Lions Club is not required.  Be a “friend” to Lions by helping in our food wagon.       This is a good opportunity for High School students volunteer hours as well.

Here are key details:

  • a standard shift is 5 hours (i.e. 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM or 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM) but they do vary

  • a shift requires 6 or more people.  The primary tasks include: i) operating the grill; ii) making french fries; iii) distributing food to patrons; iv) distributing beverages; v) maintaining the condiment table; vi) taking orders and operating the cash register.  You will join one (of our 4) teams.

  • operate under the requirements of the Brant Health Unit (Food Handlers Course).  Wearing a hat or hair net is required and hands must washed before each shift and as required during the shift.  An apron will be provided for the shift.

  • volunteer(s) will join a team of Lions (1 of 4) and will report to a “captain” that will assign the task(s) and direction on how to complete the tasks.

  • It is “work” but there is also “fellowship” with co workers depending on how busy the shift is.

  • We will be operating the Food Wagon every weekend in September and October including Thanksgiving Monday. 

  • You could join an existing Team (1 of 4) OR you can pick selected time, date and event.  By selecting a team you always work with the same people and can change jobs as desired.  By selecting specific time, date and event you will likely be assigned to a specific task.


Want to Help, Contact:

Ken Linington

519 442-2099, PO Box 123 Paris, Ontario, N3L 3E7

A copy of the work schedule and assigned teams is available upon request.