Paris Lions Club - 2011-2021

and beyond

By Diane McHutchion

The most recent census poll stated that in 2016, the population of Paris was 12,310 citizens.

Today, it would be easy to say that our population has grown to almost 18,000 citizens. A drive down Rest Acres Road would certainly verify the population explosion in our town.

Your Paris Lions Club was extremely busy during this decade, fundraising and returning these funds directly back into our community. To enhance our major fundraising asset, namely our Food Wagon, the following purchases were made:

  • the purchase of a new cargo trailer in June, 2012

  • the purchase of a new Food Wagon plus 2 new temperature controlled grills in July, 2013

  • the purchase of 6 new picnic tables in September, 2013

  • the purchase of a 40-foot container was purchased and set up at the Fair Grounds for equipment storage in December, 2016

The following projects and community donations demonstrate how the dedicated work of our members contributed to our town:

  • In 2012, plans were underway with construction to commence in 2017 of new ball diamonds for Lions Park

  • In 2014, a Grant from the Trillium Foundation was received towards the new Amphitheatre at Lions Park.

  • In March 2015, we provided coffee and hot chocolate for the Earth Week tree planting venture near Green Lane Sports Complex.

  • On May19, 2015, our Club pledged $1000 to North Ward School for playground equipment, plus $1000 to Brant Youth Volleyball to assist with construction of a volleyball court at Green Lane PLUS Aa pledge towards a new Frisbee Golf Course at Green Lane.

  • On July 11, 2015 the Grand Opening of the new Walter Williams Amphitheatre was celebrated. This was Phase 3 of the Community Miracles Lions Park Revitalization Project.

  • In 2016, our Club donated $15 000 to the new ball diamond project. We also donated $1000 to the Fort McMurray fire disaster.

  • On June 13, 2016, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate all the new playground equipment installations in Lions Park.

  • In May, 2017, a Friendship Arch was to be installed at Lions Park.

  • On June 8th, 2019, the Pete Lavoie Ball Diamond (The Field of Continuing Dreams) was officially opened. This was Phase 4 of the Community Miracles Lions Park Revitalization Project.

    And then, in 2020, Covid arrived.

Despite this international pandemic, which saw our lives, for the most part, turned upside down, our Paris Lions Club became even more creative with ways to continue fundraising and donating to our community. A Zoom account was set up to enable our meetings to continue. Our “Catch The Ace” online fundraising project began planning in February, 2020 with the first draw happening on May 18th. This project is ongoing. The Paris Quilting Bees donated 3 quilts to the Club which were raffled off and prizes were presented on December7, 2021. Our Club pledged $50 000 to the new Cowan Community Health, with our first donation of $15 000 being presented this past summer.

The International Lions Emblem displays two looking to the past with pride and one looking to the future with dedication. Looking back at the first Paris Lions Club of the 1930s, there is so much to be proud of, despite the Depression and a World War on the horizon. Looking to the future our Club, despite the many challenges of Covid, gives us so much hope and the same dedication to continue serving our community. As we face the challenges of 2022, let us carry the spirit of our first Paris Lions Club members with us to continue serving our beautiful community.

Happy 90th Anniversary, Paris Lions Club!!!!