Paris Lions Club - 1990s

By Lion Diane McHutchion

Canada’s population grew to 28 million during the 1990s. Our first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar, travelled into space. Our country launched its first observation satellite in 1995. The impact of technology was felt everywhere with the first cellphones (very cumbersome!!) appearing in the early 1990s along with the invention of the World Wide Web. The completion of the 403 made many more people aware of our pretty little town. The increased attraction in small town Ontario among GTA commuters resulted in higher increase in our town's population. We grew to a population of 8600 citizens.

Our Lions Club met the growing needs our town with enthusiasm and dedication. Many fund-raising events, plus the enthusiasm and contributions enabled our Club to serve the following:

- Lions Park equipment, grounds, and signs Sight First eye glass program
- Willett Hospital van and tree of lights CNIB Lake Joseph Centre camp for the blind
- Cenotaph improvements Dog Guide training
- Fire Department lifesaving equipment Diabetes Awareness
- Quest program for life skills –grades K-8 Camp Dorset Dialysis Camp
- Public speaking contests for students Project Pride-Canadian flag and certificate to Grade 1s
- Adopt a Highway garbage clean up International Youth Camp at Five Oaks
- Crime Stoppers program Group Home for deaf and or blind citizens
- Youth activities and camp Vision, Hearing and Diabetes screening

The hard work, dedication, and desire to serve the community of Paris accomplished so much during the 1990s. The 42 members worked tirelessly to serve all these projects, thereby contributing to the health and well-being of many of our citizens plus maintaining our reputation as the prettiest little town in Canada. How can we ever thank the Lions Club members of the 1990s enough for all they accomplished?

We, as members, can rededicate ourselves to work harder to serve our community AND encourage others to join our Club so they can experience the satisfaction and pride of being a Paris Lion!