Paris Lions Club - 2000s

By Diane McHutchion

The new millennium was a decade of challenges and successes in Canada and the world. While Y2K caused very little disruption to us, the tragedy of 9/11 brought world events right into our homes. Canadians experienced a new pride as the citizens of Gander, Newfoundland stepped up to help the thousands of air passengers stranded because of the tragedy in New York city. The first time I landed in Gander, I stood looking at the tarmac and wondered, “How did they ever manage to land all those jets here?”

In 2003, we not only had SARS to deal with, but the worst power outage North America had ever experienced. The decade ended with the best Winter Olympics Canada ever had. Who can forget that Gold Medal hockey game between Canada and the USA?

The new millennium saw Canada with a population of 30 million people. Paris grew, by the end of this decade to a population of 11,763 citizens.

By 2004, our Paris Lions Club boasted 41 members. These members were a dedicated and energetic group who continued to volunteer their time to raise funds for local and area projects. Along with the over 30 projects and donations made to various groups and individuals, our Club did the following:

- replaced the walkway, benches, sodding, and shrubbery at the Paris Cenotaph

- supported the Keg Lane Fair

- sponsored and chaired our Canada day celebrations

- provided 3 scholarships to Paris District High School

- supported the CNIB in the collection of eyeglasses for 3rd world countries

- continued supporting the Lions Quest program in local schools

- donated monies to Participation House in Brantford

- continued to provide autumn outings for seniors

- co-sponsored a House Tour of various unique and historical homes of Paris and area

- donated $1000 to the Grand River Grannies

The new millennium certainly didn’t slow down the desire of our Paris Lions to assist our community in any way possible. The citizens of Paris consistently supported our Club....and still do today.

Despite world events and the challenges we all faced with the beginning of a new millennium, your Paris Lions Club remained true to its motto, “We Serve”. We citizens of Paris have much to be proud of and our Paris Lions Club is definitely one of them!